How to get a Temporary Driving License in Kuwait

Temporary Driving License in Kuwait

Driving is an essential skill in today’s world, and having a valid driving license is necessary for anyone aspiring to hit the road. When it comes to Kuwait, much like many other places, knowing the ropes of obtaining a temporary driving license is crucial.

This ensures a smooth journey through the process and guarantees compliance with local laws. Today, We will look into the straightforward steps of acquiring a temporary driving license in Kuwait.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age Requirements: In Kuwait, to obtain a temporary driving license, applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Residency Status: Applicants need to have maintained legal residency in Kuwait for a minimum of two years since their initial entry.
  • Validity of Foreign Driving Licenses: If you hold a valid driving license issued by your home country or any other nation, you may be eligible to apply for a temporary driving license in Kuwait.

Required Documents

  • Personal Identification Documents: Present both original and photocopies of your passport. This step is essential to verify your identity and nationality.
  • Proof of Residency: Furnish evidence of your residency status. This may include a residence visa or any other document substantiating your legal residency in Kuwait.
  • Passport and Visa Details: Provide details from your passport and visa. This encompasses your passport number, visa type, and visa validity.
  • Valid Foreign Driving License: If you possess a valid driving license from your home country or another nation, include it. This can streamline the process of obtaining your temporary driving license in Kuwait.
  • Passport-sized Photographs: Include two personal photos with a blue background. These photos serve identification purposes and will be affixed to your temporary driver’s license.

How to get a Temporary Driving License in Kuwait

  • Where to Apply: Submit your application for a temporary driving license at the General Traffic Department in your respective governorate. This official government office is tasked with the issuance of temporary driving licenses in Kuwait.
  • Online Application Option: Currently, there is no information available regarding an online application process for a temporary driving license in Kuwait. It’s advisable to regularly check the official Kuwait Government Online website for the latest updates.
  • Application Forms: Complete the service application form provided by the General Traffic Department.
  • Processing Time: The processing time may vary based on factors such as the completeness of your application and the workload of the Traffic Department. Applying well in advance of your anticipated need for the license is recommended.
How to get a Temporary Driving License in Kuwait

Medical and Driving Tests

Mandatory Medical Examination: Undergoing a medical examination is essential to ensure your physical fitness for driving. This typically includes a vision test and potentially other health checks. The medical check-up is conducted at the General Traffic Department in your respective governorate.

Overview of the Driving Test Process: The driving test process in Kuwait encompasses both theoretical and practical tests. To participate in these tests, you must hold a valid learner’s private driving license. The tests are administered by the Driving Test Sections in the governorates or at any Driving school in Kuwait. After successfully passing the test, you can submit the results to obtain your driver’s license.

Temporary License Duration and Renewal

  • Validity Period of the Temporary Driving License: The temporary driving license in Kuwait holds a validity of one year. This marks a change from previous durations, where expats’ licenses were valid for up to 10 years.
  • Steps for Renewal if Needed: Renewal can be done at the General Traffic Department. The process involves submitting necessary documents, completing the service application form, and settling the applicable fees. The renewal charges for the driving license amount to 1 KD.
  • Conditions for Extension: Currently, no specific conditions exist for extending the temporary driving license beyond its one-year validity. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to regularly check the official Kuwait Government Online website or the General Traffic Department for the most recent information.

Fees and Costs

  • Breakdown of Application Fees:
    • The application form costs 10 KD.
    • The theoretical test is priced at 15 KD.
    • The driving test comes with a cost of 10 KD per attempt.
  • Additional Costs, if any:
    • The medical test is priced at 5 KD.
    • For those seeking a motorcycle license, the test fees amount to 5 KD.
    • In the event of needing to retake the motorcycle driving test, a repetition fee of 5 KD applies.
  • Payment Methods Accepted: While accepted payment methods can vary, government offices in Kuwait generally accept payments in cash or through credit/debit cards.
Fees and Costs


Navigating the process of obtaining a temporary driving license in Kuwait involves understanding eligibility criteria, required documents, the application process, medical and driving tests, license duration and renewal, and associated fees. Remember, securing a license is just the beginning; the essence lies in responsible driving.

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