How to Renew Car License Plates in Kuwait

Renew Car License Plates in Kuwait

To Renew car license plates in Kuwait, while straightforward, is an essential procedure that every vehicle owner must undergo to ensure their vehicle remains compliant with local regulations. The process is designed to be user-friendly, allowing residents and citizens alike to navigate it with ease.

Can You Drive with a Missing Number Plate?

Certainly, operating a vehicle without a license plate is prohibited in numerous jurisdictions. License plates play a crucial role in identifying a vehicle, confirming its registration, and establishing ownership. Lacking a license plate, an individual might face allegations of driving uninsured or even be suspected of more serious infractions, such as auto theft

Steps to Renew Car License Plates in Kuwait

Before applying for all this procedure you must have a valid Kuwaiti Driving License

Inform the Relevant Authority

Initially, in renewing a car license plate in Kuwait, one should inform the relevant authority. This action must be taken within 10 days of noticing the loss or wear and tear of the vehicle’s registration or any of its license plates.

Complete the Necessary Paperwork

Once the authority is informed, the next move is to complete the necessary paperwork for a replacement. This documentation will capture all the essential particulars about your vehicle and its registration status.

Cover the Designated Charge

After turning in the paperwork, there’s a charge to be paid. The total cost can fluctuate, so consulting the relevant authority for precise details is advisable.

Anticipate Your New License Plate

Upon accomplishing the preceding steps, the only thing left is to await your new license plate. The duration for this can vary, so querying the relevant authority for an expected delivery time is wise.

Online Renewal of Car License Plates in Kuwait

Online Renewal of Car License Plates in Kuwait

For online renewal of your vehicle license plates in Kuwait, consider the following steps:

  1. Access the website of the General Traffic Department and upload the necessary documents.
  2. Conduct a technical inspection of your vehicle.
  3. Complete the service request form.
  4. Settle the applicable fees.

The documents you’ll need include:

  1. The owner’s civil ID or passport.
  2. Documentation proving vehicle insurance.
  3. Authorization of signature if the vehicle belongs to a company.

It’s essential to ensure your vehicle insurance is up-to-date. The cost for this service comprises a variable fee of 0 KD and a fixed fee of 5 KD.



Renew car license plates in Kuwait is a direct affair, entailing alerting the relevant authority, filling out the right paperwork, and making a payment. Adhering to these measures ensures a swift renewal of your car license plate, sidestepping possible traffic penalties.

Always bear in mind the significance of renewing your car license plate on time when it’s worn out or missing. This not only keeps you clear of potential penalties but also guarantees that your vehicle remains legally compliant for road use.

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