How To Renew A Car Registration in Kuwait

renew a car registration in kuwait

Renew a car registration in Kuwait is a crucial responsibility for all vehicle owners in the country. To ensure that you can continue driving legally and avoid any penalties, it’s essential to understand the process and requirements involved in renewing your car registration.

Today, we will walk you through the steps and provide you with valuable information on how to renew your car registration in Kuwait, helping you navigate the process smoothly and efficiently.

Step 1: Third-party insurance to renew a car registration in Kuwait

The first step to renew a car registration in Kuwait is to purchase third-party insurance from any insurance office. The insurance fee varies depending on the type and its passenger capacity.

Step 2: Technical Inspection to renew a car registration in Kuwait

Next, you need to take your vehicle for a technical inspection at a traffic inspection department. There is one such department in each governorate.

As per the Ministry Decree 203/2021, owners are required to pay a fee of KD 2 for the technical inspection. This fee applies to personal vehicles, trucks, taxis, buses, agricultural and industrial vehicles, commercial vehicles, and ATVs1. Motorcycle owners are only required to pay KD 11.

If you wish to have the inspection done at a location other than the traffic department an additional fee of KD 10 is charged.

Step 3: Traffic Department Visit to renew a car registration in Kuwait

After passing the technical inspection successfully, you will need to visit the traffic department to receive the vehicle registration (daftar). Before it is issued, you must pay any pending fines. This can be done online if the fine is payable online, or at the traffic department.

Step 4: Vehicle Registration Renewal

Finally, you can receive the new daftar of your vehicle after paying a renewal fee of KD 51.

Additional Services

Additional Services

In addition to these steps, there are fees for various other services such as

  • Changing the color of your vehicle
  • Issuing new car plates
  • Obtaining various permits, such as a taxi permit or a bus permit
  • Transferring ownership of your vehicle
  • Registering a new vehicle
  • Cancelling your vehicle registration
  • Requesting a duplicate vehicle registration certificate
  • Requesting a vehicle history report
  • Paying traffic fines
  • Updating your vehicle insurance information
  • Changing your vehicle address
  • Adding or removing a vehicle owner
  • Reporting a lost or stolen vehicle
  • Requesting a vehicle inspection
  • Requesting a vehicle valuation
  • Requesting a vehicle export certificate
  • Requesting a vehicle import certificate



Renewing a car registration in Kuwait is essential to keep driving legally. It might seem a bit complicated, but if you follow the steps and rules we discussed, it’s not too tough. Just make sure you know the renewal dates, get the required documents, and follow what Kuwaiti authorities say. By doing this, you can renew your car registration in Kuwait without any worries.

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