Professions Not Eligible for Driving License in Kuwait

Professions Not Eligible for Driving License

Expatriates in Kuwait live with a unique set of rules that reflect the country’s rich culture and history. One of the most intriguing rules is the one governing which professions not eligible for driving license. While many countries have simpler rules, Kuwait has distinct guidelines for its migrant population.

A Brief Overview

In general, for an expat to qualify for a driver’s license in Kuwait, there are three primary criteria:

  • The person has also lived in Kuwait for at least two years.
  • The monthly salary must be not below KD600.
  • The applicant should have an undergraduate degree.

Despite being strict, these rules help reduce the volume of cars on the road thereby making a car accessible for those who need it. Nevertheless, as with every law, there are always exceptions. However, certain mobile professions or situations are recognized by Kuwait despite the criteria mentioned above.

Professions Not Eligible for Driving License

Let’s explore the professions and situations that exempt an individual from the general requirements:

Family Connections to Kuwaiti Nationals

  • First, non-Kuwaiti women who are spouses of Kuwaiti males.
  • Those women became widows/divorcees of Kuwaiti males and they have kids.
  • The second category is non-Kuwaiti men married to Kuwaiti women and children of such couples.

Bedouins with Valid Documentation

  • Stateless persons in Kuwait are referred to as bedouins. Regular requirements do not apply to those who have valid security cards.

Educational Exemptions

  • Students who have been admitted to study in Kuwaiti universities or applicable institutions.

Expat Housewives

  • This category of expat housewives will be allowed if their husbands qualify for eligibility in terms of a driving license.

Diplomatic Immunity

  • The diplomatic pass holders are however exempted from normal driving license provisions.

Sports Professionals

  • Sporting players under government-sponsored sports clubs and federations.
Sports Professionals

Specific Job Roles

  • Mandoubs are all drivers and in general company representatives.
  • Zaid Mandoub, managing passports and ministry for social affairs and labor. Nevertheless, they must have legitimate driving licenses in their home countries or elsewhere.
  • Change in domestic workers who have stayed in the same field for at least five years working for the same employer, and want to shift their career to that of driving.

Medical Professionals

  • Here are nurses, herbal practitioners, and any other technical person within that field.

Aviation Professionals

  • Pilots, captains, and their assistants.

Specialized Professions

  • The nature of undertakers’ work makes them an exception when it comes to ordinary driving licenses.

Keeping Updated

However, it is important to note these rules are not permanent. The country’s needs, economic change as well as socio-political factors guide regulation development. In Kuwait, the General traffic department remains the ultimate legal office that has all powers concerning driving licenses. They are updated regularly and it is advisable to seek their advice.



Driving in Kuwait is both useful and a big responsibility. Kuwait has special driving rules, including rules about “Professions Not Eligible for Driving License.” Even with these rules, the country is understanding to those who need to drive. If you’re from another country and thinking about moving to Kuwait or already living there, knowing these driving rules can help you adjust and live comfortably.

Faisal Nazir
Faisal Nazir shares his insights and experiences to help readers discover the hidden gems and vibrant culture of Kuwait.


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