Kuwait Driving License Theory Test

Kuwait Driving License Theory Test

Navigating the roads of Kuwait requires not only practical driving skills but also a thorough understanding of its traffic rules and regulations. The “Kuwait Driving License Theory Test” is an essential step for all aspiring drivers in the country.

Today, We will look deeper into the nuances of the Kuwait Driving License Theory Test, providing you with valuable insights to help you prepare and succeed.

What is the QMC Test?

The QMC Test is the qualifying examination to get a driving license in Kuwait. To acquire a license in Kuwait, one must first secure a learner’s license followed by the main driver’s license. The initial step involves a computer-based test where a predetermined number of questions must be answered correctly. After this, an actual driving test is undertaken to secure the driving license.

QMC Kuwait Driving License Theory Test Overview

The QMC Kuwait Driving Licence Mock test is like the real QMC Kuwait Driving Theory Written Exam. The questions look the same, and you have to finish them in a set time. Taking the mock test feels like taking the real QMC Kuwait Driving Licence Theory Exam. It helps people see how they’re doing and guess their scores.

Why It’s Good to Practice Online QMC Kuwait Driving Written Exam Papers

Recently, the exam pattern changed. So, it’s very important now to do many Kuwait Driving Licence practice tests when you study. Doing many mock tests helps people go over everything in the Kuwait DL exam again and again. This helps them remember things better and do well in the real Kuwait DL exam. Also, doing mock tests helps people get used to how the real Kuwait DL exam looks and feels.

Understanding QMC Kuwait Driving Test Questions

The Kuwait Driving Licence test paper is the main tool for the Kuwait driving theory test. It has important questions with their answers. This helps drivers learn more about road signs, driving rules, and other rules in Kuwait.

Updated Syllabus – Oct 2023

The most recent QMC Kuwait Driving Test Syllabus incorporates subjects such as Road Traffic Signs/Symbols and the Driving Rules and regulations relevant to Kuwait.

Preparing for the Test

Preparing for the Test

There are many tools and helpful things you can use to get ready for the MOI Kuwait driving test. For example, some websites offer free practice tests for the written exam. Also, you can find QMC Kuwait Driving Test questions and their answers in PDF form on different websites.

Theoretical driving test demo

1 The vehicle may be parked in designated pedestrian crossings and sidewalks

  • True
  • False

2 Do not use the warning sign (flasher) unless the vehicle has stopped completely on the highway.

  • True
  • False

3 It is permissible to drive a vehicle missing any of the safety and durability conditions

  • True
  • False

4 When can you use a mobile phone while you are in the vehicle?

  • Only when the traffic is not congested
  • Only when you have parked the vehicle in a safe place
  • When traffic stops or at a road intersection

5 A sidewalk colored with black and white means:

  • Sidewalk – Parking is allowed
  • Central sidewalk
  • Sidewalk – No parking



The Kuwait Driving License Theory Test is a critical component in ensuring that drivers on Kuwaiti roads have a solid understanding of the nation’s traffic rules, signs, and driving regulations. It not only evaluates a candidate’s theoretical knowledge but also reinforces the importance of safe and responsible driving. Preparing for this test rigorously underscores an individual’s commitment to road safety and adherence to local driving norms.

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