How to get an eye test appointment for a Kuwaiti license?

eye test appointment for a Kuwaiti license

Before obtaining a Kuwait driving license, Everyone must undergo an eye test appointment for a Kuwaiti license to ensure safe driving. This step is vital to confirm drivers have proper visual acuity, promoting road safety.

For those aged 40 and above, submitting a photo wearing glasses is necessary due to potential age-related eyesight deterioration, as noted by ophthalmologists. Taking the eye test is a small yet essential measure in securing road safety for everyone.

Eligibility for the Eye test appointment for a Kuwaiti license

Before undergoing the eye test appointment for a Kuwaiti license, it’s essential to understand that this requirement applies to all drivers, including expats, for both new applications and renewals. The eye test ensures the necessary visual acuity for safe driving.

Eligibility criteria include

  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Possessing a valid passport and visa.
  • Presenting a medical certificate from a certified doctor.

For individuals above 40, submitting a photo wearing glasses is necessary due to potential age-related eyesight deterioration. This requirement is based on ophthalmologists’ observations of gradual vision decline in this age group.

Booking the Eye Test Appointment

Securing an eye test appointment for a Kuwaiti license is a simple online process:

  • Visit the official Ministry of Interior website.
  • Choose English as your language preference.
  • Enter your Civil ID number and click “Start Your Choice.”
  • Under applications, select “Traffic Sector” and choose your required service.
  • Input personal details, including name, mobile number, and email ID.
  • Pick a suitable schedule and save the reference code.

Note that you can’t book another appointment until the current one is completed. Ensure you’re at the Traffic Department premises on time.

If online booking is challenging, you can visit the Traffic Department directly during their morning (9 am to 1 pm) or evening (4 pm to 7 pm) hours.

Preparing for the Eye Test

The eye test is a crucial step in securing a Kuwaiti driving license, ensuring your ability to drive safely. Failing to see properly may lead to accidents, highlighting the importance of this examination.

What to Expect

The eye test checks visual acuity and peripheral vision, conducted by a certified doctor in about 15 minutes. You’ll read letters or numbers from a chart to assess visual acuity and be tested on peripheral vision for objects outside your direct line of sight.

Preparing for Success

  • Ensure a good night’s sleep for improved visual acuity.
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring them to the test. Avoid strenuous activities before the test.
  • If nervous, take deep breaths to relax.

It’s a straightforward test with nothing to worry about.

preparing for eyetest

After the Eye Test

Once you’ve completed the eye test, the results become crucial in determining your visual fitness for driving in Kuwait.

Understanding Results

The test evaluates visual acuity and peripheral vision. Visual acuity, essential for reading road signs, may require corrective lenses if below the standard. Peripheral vision, crucial for awareness, is also assessed.

Next Steps After Passing

If you pass, submit the results to the License Section for registration. Upon success, you’ll receive a document (istimara), required for further steps at any Kuwaiti driving school. This process is integral to obtaining a driving license in Kuwait.

Recent Changes in the Eye Test Procedure

To enhance efficiency, Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has implemented notable changes in the driving license procedure, including the eye test.

The shift from physical to electronic licenses allows expatriates to conveniently renew licenses through the “Sahel” government app after one year.

The app’s “Kuwait Mobile ID” section facilitates license activation and validity verification.

Additionally, a new requirement for a motorized bicycle license mandates applicants to have residency data and a salary of not less than 120 dinars. While these changes aim for a more user-friendly process, expats, especially first-time applicants, may be affected.


Obtaining a Kuwaiti driving license involves a crucial step: the eye test, ensuring drivers have the necessary visual acuity. Online booking has simplified appointment scheduling, but remember not to book again until the current appointment concludes.

Understanding the test and bringing glasses or contact lenses if needed is vital. Post-test results determine visual fitness for driving, potentially requiring corrective lenses for those falling below standards.

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