Can I Drive in Kuwait with a Pakistani License?

drive in Kuwait with a Pakistani License

Certainly! If you’re wondering, “Can I drive in Kuwait with a Pakistani License?” the answer is important if you plan to visit or live in Kuwait. In this Article, We will provide you with clear and simple information about the rules and regulations for driving in Kuwait with a Pakistan License.

Drive in Kuwait with a Pakistani License

Driving in Kuwait is not legal with a Pakistani driving license. Expats cannot go with their native country’s driving license, in Kuwait, you need to get a valid Kuwait driving license. If you arrive in Kuwait under a tourist visa, you can drive with a valid foreign or international driver’s license. Once you have a resident visa, however, it is illegal to go without a Kuwait driver’s license.

Rent a Car in Kuwait with a Pakistani Driving License

If you have a Pakistani license and want to drive in Kuwait, you should get a local Kuwaiti license. On a Pakistani license, you might not be able to rent a car in Kuwait. Obtaining a license for driving in the country is recommended.

Traffic Fines

By registering, people can receive traffic fine alerts. When you fail to pay your MOI Kuwait Traffic Fine, they will double and will continue to double until they are paid. Fines are linked to your visa, so if you don’t pay them, you can’t leave the country. Your license might be revoked if you are fined multiple times. Also, the fine amounts are very high.

Taking Your Car Outside Kuwait

If you do not own your car completely (you got a bank loan or bought it on a lease-purchase agreement), taking it out of the country is prohibited. An Istamara form must be obtained each time you go to a country.

FOR INFO: General Department of Traffic – Ministry of Interior

Taking Your Car Outside Kuwait



You cannot drive in Kuwait with a Pakistani license. If you are a resident of Kuwait, you must obtain a Kuwaiti driver’s license. If you are a visitor, you can drive in Kuwait with a valid international driver’s license for up to three months.

If you are caught driving in Kuwait without a valid Kuwaiti driver’s license, you could be fined, have your car impounded, or even be deported.

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