How to Check Kuwait Visa Validity Online

Check Kuwait Visa Validity Online

One of the main things you should check Kuwait Visa Validity Online before visiting Kuwait because it is literally a signed government allowing someone to visit another country legally. Your visa can expire or become void which will lead to imposition of penalties like fining, deportation, and even imprisonment.

Therefore, upon entry into the country, your visa should be valid for its purposes. Fortunately, there is the option of performing an online quick process that verifies a Kuwait visa. The reasons for embassy visa verification are outlined in this article followed by an explanation of how the online version works and why using this service is beneficial.

Types of Kuwait Visas

  • Tourist Visa: This is a short-term visa issued either online or on arrival to citizens of certain countries who need to visit Kuwait for tourism purposes. It allows a single entry and a life of 90 days.
  • Work Visa: This is a protracted-time period visa issued to overseas employees who have a sponsor in Kuwait (either a private company, a government entity, or a contractor). It permits more than one entry and a renewable life of up to 5 years
  • Dependent Visa: This is an extended-term visa issued to family contributors of overseas employees who have a valid work visa in Kuwait. It permits a couple of entries and a renewable stay of as much as 5 years.
  • Other varieties of visas: These include enterprise visa, visit visa, pupil visa, cultural/sports visa, and transit visa. Each of these visas has its own unique necessities and situations that adjust depending on the applicant’s nationality and scenario.

Documents Required to Check Kuwait Visa Validity Online

The following are the documents required to check Kuwait Visa Validity Online:

  • Passport details: You need a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of your arrival in Kuwait. You also need to test your passport and add it to the online visa utility or checking portal.
  • Visa reference number: You need to have your visa reference number, which is a 12-digit range that is assigned in your visa application. You can locate this range within the confirmation e-mail or letter that you obtained after applying for your visa.
  • Other applicable data: If you have a traveler visa, you need to provide your proof of tour itinerary, accommodation arrangements, and sufficient funds. If you have a business visa, you may need to provide a call for participation or sponsorship from your commercial enterprise partner in Kuwait.

Online Platforms for Checking Visa Validity

Ministry of Interior (MOI) Kuwait website:

One of the net structures to Check Kuwait Visa Validity Online is the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Kuwait website. This is the professional authorities portal that offers numerous e-services related to visas, residency, civil ID, tours, and security. The MOI internet site allows customers to check their

  • Visa status
  • Visa validity

Online by means of entering their passport information and visa reference number.

The MOI website additionally presents other useful statistics and capabilities together

  • Visa utility
  • Visa renewal
  • Visa cancellation
  • Visa switch
  • Visa costs
  • Visa necessities
  • Visa types
  • Visa policies
  • Visa FAQs
Step-by-Step Guide to Check Kuwait Visa Validity Online

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Kuwait Visa Validity Online

  • Accessing the MOI Net Website:
    • Open your internet browser and visit the MOI website.
  • Navigating to the Visa Validity Check Section:
    • Click on the E-Services tab in the top menu.
    • Under the General Department of Residency section, select Visa Services.
    • This will take you to the visa e-services page.
  • Accessing the Visa Validity Check Page:
    • Click on the Visa Validity option under the Visa Services section.
  • Entering Required Information:
    • On the visa validity check page, input your passport details and visa reference number in the respective fields.
    • Locate your visa reference number in the confirmation email or letter received after the visa application.
    • Enter the captcha code displayed to confirm your identity.
    • Click the Submit button to proceed.
  • Submitting the Query and Interpreting Results:
    • After clicking Submit, view the results on the same page.
    • The results will display the following information:
      • Visa Status: Indicates whether your visa is valid, expired, canceled, or in process.
      • Visa Type: Specifies the type of visa (tourist, work, etc.).
      • Visa Number: Displays the 12-digit number assigned to your visa application.
      • Visa Expiry Date: Shows the expiration date of your visa.
      • Visa Duration: Indicates the number of days allowed.

Here is our complete guide on Kuwait Visa for Indians: Requirements, Fees, and Application Guide that will help you to make the process easy.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Incorrect Information Input:
    • Double-check and ensure accurate entry of visa application number, passport number, and personal details.
    • Verify that you have entered the captcha code correctly.
    • Confirm a stable internet connection.
    • Retrieve the visa application number from the confirmation email or letter received after applying.
  • System Errors:
    • If encountering technical issues, try the following steps:
      • Refresh the webpage or attempt checking later.
      • Clear your browser cache and cookies.
      • Switch to a different browser or device.
      • Check the official website for announcements or updates.
  • Contacting Relevant Authorities:
    • If issues persist or if you have questions about your visa status:
      • Contact the relevant authorities for assistance.
      • Provide them with necessary details such as your visa application number and passport information.
      • Seek guidance on resolving the specific issue you are facing.

By following these troubleshooting steps, You can address common problems that may arise during the process of checking their Kuwait visa validity online.


Checking your visa validity is an important and vital step earlier than and throughout your travel to Kuwait. It lets you avoid any criminal troubles, fines, or penalties that could arise from having an expired or invalid visa. It also can assist you in planning your trip better and revel in your stay in Kuwait without any issues.

With the net structures to be had, which include the MOI website, you can easily and without difficulty check your visa status and validity whenever and everywhere.

All you need are your passport details, visa reference variety, and internet right of entry.

Faisal Nazir
Faisal Nazir shares his insights and experiences to help readers discover the hidden gems and vibrant culture of Kuwait.


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